The Number One Tool A Re-Seller Needs To Use For Quick Flips and More Profit!

One of the biggest issues new seller have is simply not knowing what to buy for re-sell.

A lot of that changes of course in time with more experience of buying and selling a few items. However even experienced treasure hunters need to know more often than not if the item in their hand is worth the investment. 

Getting down the basics of using you phone app will make a huge difference in how you buy and sell. Not only can you see what is being listed and if that item is selling, you can also get a good idea if it will flip fast or possibly sit for awhile. 

That is called the sell through rate and we will dive deeper into that process in future posts. 

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Today's Post In review: 
1) Use your "Play Store" app on your phone to find and download the eBay App. 
2) Open your eBay app 
3) Look for the camera icon in the search bar area
4)Choose what method of searching you want to do
5)Tale A New Photo
6) Select From Gallery
7) Scan Barcode

Now use your filters to search condition - New / Used / Any
Then you can search "Solds" to really see what the items actually sell for. 
From the listed to the solds you should be able to get a good feel for the item and make more of an educated decision to invest in it. 

I hate saying "Spend Money" on it. Your not spending money. A non business minded person spends money. You are a business owner and you invest in inventory. 

Once you look at it like a business person you will start making better buying decisions. #chaching 

Until next time - Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman
eBay Marketer